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Discover the collection of abstract paintings on canvas and
get inspired by unique fine art pieces hand made by the artist.
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Exclusive collection

Discover series of paintings, drawings and graphics often framed by a suitable high-quality frame.
This collection is characterized by the use of bold colors, strong contrasts and variety of unconventional tools and techniques
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Monochromatic collection

Monochromatic collection sums up the power of abstraction in every sense. Discover paintings created using only one color and one hue, emphasizing surface texture.
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Kristina Kinkela Valčić is a contemporary visual artist based in Opatija, Croatia. Her abstract visualization of imaginary landscapes reflects her emotions in unpredictable ways. The guiding line in her art is an expressive, intuitive command of color, material use, texture, and composition.
kristina kinkela valcic

Featured Portfolio

Kristina Kinekela Valcic

Kristina's collections show a wide range of completed abstract paintings and commissioned paintings from clients. Discover novelties, get inspired and find unique art for yourself. All paintings are hand-painted by Kristina Kinkela Valčić at her atelier in Opatija/Croatia.


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