Kristina Kinkela Valčić
Kristina Kinkela ValčićVisual Artist


Kristina Kinkela Valčić is a visual artist and designer who specializes in abstract art.
Her exclusively abstract work allows her to constantly explore new painting techniques, inviting the viewer to see and feel her art in diverse ways. In her expressive-emotional manner, she is transmitting abstract mental maps onto the canvas. That manifests in multiple layers of acrylic and mixed media. All those layers intertwine, complement, flirt and negate each other and form harmonious imaginary landscapes. 

Existing places do not serve as an inspiration for those imaginary landscapes. They arise directly from internal emotional states into visual form. The result, therefore, is not planned. They evolve from multiple, more or less transparent, layers of paint and other media that she uses.

The described process is very intuitive and intimate, which points to the fact that the identity and inner states of the creator are crucial for the entire process of creating. In contrast to the organic shapes, she sometimes uses geometric lines, which present peculiar mental boundaries and frames that impose themselves in the same unnatural way in the real world. The result allows the observers to feel and experience her art in their way and encourages them to fantasize and be free from reality.
Kristina Kinkela Valčić received her MA in Art Education and Art History at the Academy of Applied Arts, University of Rijeka and she is also a Ph.D. student in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology at the University of Zagreb. Her thesis is concerned with historical changes in conceptions of the cultural identity of the Kastav region. She claims that identities are a result of negotiations between social participants and that they are constantly changing. These facts reflect in Kristina's artwork. In the same way, her abstract, intuitive, and intimate representations of imaginary landscapes realize their essence in communication with observers who receive and interpret presented visual codes in their way.  

She exhibited both nationally and internationally and she is a member of the Croatian Association of Artists (Rijeka, Zagreb) and the online art project Art Ćakula.  She works in her studio in Opatija, a town situated on the northern Croatia coast. 

Solo exibitions

2012. " Mi" ( „We“), An Exhibition of sculptures, K.U.N.S Gallery OK, Rijeka, Croatia
2012. „ProZor i Vrijeme“ (Time), Photo Exhibition, City Hall Matulji, Matulji, Croatia
2012. „Negativi“ ( "Negatives"), Photo Exhibition, City Hall Matulji, Matulji, Croatia
2015. „Izložba Animalističkih motiva i mrtve prirode“ ( "Animalistic motives"), Musseum of Bell ringers, Rukavac, Croatia
2015. „Apstrakcije“ ("Abstractions"), City Hall Matulji, Matulji, Croatia
2016. „Apstraktno“ ("Abstractions") , Podroom Gallery, Rijeka, Croatia
2018. "Izložba slika" ("Exibition of Art"), Bianco & Nero Gallery, Opatija, Croatia
2021. "(Un) familiar landscapes", Galerijica Gallery, Matulji, Croatia

Group exibitions
2012. "Contemporary photography of the City of Rijeka", C.V.U. „Batana“, Rovinj, Croatia
2012. "Contemporary photography of the City of Rijeka" Museum of the City of Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia
2012. "OP-Art 2012.", Outdoor exhibition of experimental film, Volosko, Croatia
2012. "Photographieausstellung Druckwellen", Rockie_gallery, Graz, Austria
2013. "Female photographers 2013." , Principij Gallery, Rijeka, Croatia
2014. "Female photographers 2014." , Principij Gallery, Rijeka, Croatia
2016. "Spring Exhibition of HDLU Zagreb", Sunce Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2016. "Art Exhibition Of the City of Zagreb", Europe House Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
2021. "5th Zagreb Summer Salon- Spirituality and art", Kontrast gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2021. 6th Humanitarian Art Colony on river Zrmanja organized by Privrednik association, Croatia
2022. "HDLU Rijeka New members exhibition", Juraj Klović Gallery, Rijeka, Croatia
2022. "The milk of dreams" (Kefir 22), Galleria delle Cornici, Lido di Venezia, Italia 
2022. "Kefir 22", Galerija Sveti Ivan Zelina, Sveti Ivan Zelina, Croatia
2022. "Iskra", Artoratorij Gallery, Vrbovec, Croatia
2022. "Kefir 22", Cloister of the Pietro Thouar Library, Firenza, Italia
2022. "Plavo" (Blue), collective, thematic, selected art project, Gallery HDLU Istra, Pula, Croatia
2022. "Razgovori sa sobom", Art ćakula online project members exhibition, Azimut Gallery, Šibenik, Croatia
2022. "76th annual exhibition of HDLU Rijeka", Kortil gallery, Rijeka, Croatia

First place: EX TEMPORE "15th Art Colony Kostrena," Croatia, 2018.
First place: FINISHED ARTWORK "16. Art Colony Ex tempore 2019“, Kostrena, Croatia, 2019.
Art recognition "9th Painting Ex Tempore competition" , Funtana, Croatia, 2019.
First place: EX TEMPORE "17. Art Colony Ex tempore 2020“, Kostrena, Croatia, 2020.
First place: EX TEMPORE "18. Art Colony Ex tempore 2021“, Kostrena, Croatia, 2021.